10 DIY facelift tips

If your face is showing the strain – and let’s face it, when you have little kids, we all look that bit more tired. So to get your natural, relaxed glow back – try a rejuvenating face massage.

1. Start: Sit in a warm room and a comfy seat. Let your jaw fall. Breathe slowly and make the biggest smile you can and hold it for as long as possible. (Bet your doing this as you read.)

2. Forehead: Place your thumbs on your temples (above the arch of your brows) and your index fingers at the top of your hairline. Slide your index fingers up and your thumbs outwards: still pushing, let your thumbs and fingers slide into your hair to smoothly stretch out your forehead.

3. Frown lines: With the index fingers of both hands on the inside edge of your eyebrows, gently pull apart any frown lines above the nose. Be careful not to pull up or pull down in an unnatural direction – just pull apart towards your eyebrow.

4. Crows feet: Place the index finger of one hand and the middle finger of the other on either side of a crow’s foot (laughter line), and press carefully and gently. Repeat up to 10 times, holding for 5 seconds each.

5. Lower part of face: With your mouth open slightly, bring the corner of the left side of your mouth out as far as possible. Now do this with the right side of your mouth. Repeat 5 times. (Make sure you’re alone when you do this as this is going to have the kids in stitches!)

6. Chin and neck: Use the back of your hands to gently slap under the chin. Repeat, increasing the speed as you go. Place the full length of both thumbs under your chin to provide gentle resistance, then push your chin down. Continue this around the jaw line to just under your ears.

7. Lines: Push the tip of your nose up with your index finger. Hold it firmly in place. Now pull your upper lip down over your teeth and hold for a second before releasing.

8. Nose: Using the middle fingers of both hands, make small circular movements from the top of the bridge of the nose down towards the nostrils. You may actually feel the lymph draining under your fingertips.

9. Circulation: With the thumbs and index fingers of both hands, gently pluck and pinch all over your face. This helps the circulation and general condition of your skin.

10. And relax: Lie down for about 15 minutes with cucumber slices or cold tea bags over your eyes. The tannin helps to tone up the area around your eyes and make them look clearer.

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