Celebrity yummies – Jo Malone


‘JO LOVES is a collection of my memories that I hope inspire you or remind you of a special place or time in your life’


Jo Malone created one of the most sought after luxury fragrance brands in the world.

Jo sold her beauty business to Estée Lauder Companies more than a decade ago but remained Creative Director until her departure in 2006. Now Jo is once again designing scent and launched her new global brand JO LOVES just two months ago. We caught up with the world’s most talented ‘nose’ and asked the lady herself a few questions… here’s what she said.


What is your favourite?

Pomelo was the first of the four JO LOVES launch fragrances that I created which I’ve nicknamed ‘my best friend’.  Having not designed fragrance since leaving the Jo Malone brand in 2006, I was unsure of whether or not I could still create great smells, but from the moment I pieced the Pomelo together, everything fell into place and I immediately began working on the next three scents.  I love to spray Pomelo onto my skin a couple of times a day; when I go into the office, when I’m out and about and again before lunch or cocktails.


How does this differ from previous collections?

Put simply, JO LOVES is all about the things in life that I love and that make my heart beat. I’m terribly dyslexic and when I create a fragrance, I start by piecing together wonderful moments in time from a never ending mood board of images and smells that I store in my mind.  JO LOVES is a collection of my memories that I hope will inspire you, make you smile or remind you of a special place or time in your life.  Each fragrance has its own personality allowing you to decide whether you want to be ‘Sassy and Soulful’ (Green Orange & Coriander) or ‘Fun and Flirty’ (Orange Tulle).

What makes your heart beat the fastest?

Being able to create great smells while building a new business drives me.  Having a second shot doing a job that I love makes me feel incredibly excited about the future and above all, determined to create a new global brand and an environment in which my team feel valued.

What beauty products do you use?

I love Chanel lip gloss, MAC foundation and I have eyelash extensions every six weeks by Katherine at Flutter.

Why do you think you have a nose for fragrance?

My sense of smell is so dominant and I can still recall smells from my childhood.   Being dyslexic, my nose is my form of communication and allows me to express what I’m feeling in the same way that an artist uses a paintbrush or a musician an instrument.  Whilst I’m not good at very many things, creating fragrance comes naturally to me.

What was your earliest memory of fragrance? Were you one of those little girls mulching up rose petals to make perfume for their mothers?

Growing up, my mother was a beautician and my earliest smell memory was the scent of the Camay soap she would use.  That, and the smell of a sandalwood face mask that I learnt to mix aged seven.

Do you have one that would suit mothers?

I would recommend Orange Tulle which captures an element of innocence and youthfulness regardless of age.  It makes me feel 16 again!  It’s a very feminine scent with a wonderful fragile element to it almost like a bride on her wedding day. I love to wear Orange Tulle to afternoon tea with my girlfriends when for just a few hours I want to feel completely frivolous.